User Manuals


Before installing ResoMail, please make sure that you have latest Java installed on your system, you can download it here: On MS Windows platform you can use an executable installer, on other platforms – you can download zip file, unzip it, and execute for unix like systems or start.bat for MS Windows.

Creating a new mail account

To create a new account you need to receive from domain owner you id name and password (password is one time use, you need it only to be allowed to create an account on server)

Click on menu Account, then on sub-menu “New Account” and you'll be asked for your ID name (which looks like an e-mail address) and secret key (password)

In the same dialog you can choose to generate additional randomness which will make your secret key stronger.

After clicking ok, the program will generate your secret and public key and will send public key to be signed by domain owner. When domain owner will sign your public key your mail account will be auto-created (it can happen in 1-2 seconds if domain owner has an auto-signing program) You can check manually for signature by clicking on your ID name and then on "Check server for signed ID"

Receiving mail

To receive mail you can click on menu “Account” and then on menu “Check new mail” this will check mail for all accounts.

Sending mail.

You can create a new message by clicking “Message->New” or you can reply to existing message, by selecting your message then clicking “Message->Reply”