Can I send e-mails to ResoMail account and viceversa?

No, ResoMail is completely independent systems, there are no gateways now and we have no plans in the future, although since ResoMail is open source you can implement your own gateway.

Why password is not hidden, like in other mail programs?

In ResoMail password is used only to create a new account, then it's useless, so it doesn't need that protection as a usual e-mail, where password is needed to receive mail everyday.

Can I password protect my locally stored messages?

For now we don't offer this feature, we recommend you to use TrueCrypt to create an encrypted partition and put in that partition a portable copy of ResoMail.

What cryptographic algorithms are used?

For asymmetric algorithms RSA is used, for symmetric - Twofish, and we use SHA512 as hash.

What are the key sizes?

For RSA it's 2048 bits, for Twofish key size is 256 bits.

What is default server port?

Default server port is 1085

Can server port be changed?

Yes by using parameter -port= for example -port=1795